Epiphany Café Offers Asian-Inspired Baked Goods By Classic Bake House

This is a collaboration that is “kneaded” and set up to be much “loaf-ed”

Hamilton, 28 April 2021 — Just a month after launching its own milk tea line, Epiphany Café announces another step in diversifying its offerings by partnering with Classic Bake House to provide even more baked goods to customers.

This includes a selection of the Auckland-based bakery and supplier’s pre-packed Asian-style breads, buns and pastries, such as Taro Paste Bun and Coconut Sliced Toast, now available at selected Epiphany Café stores. 

The recognised café brand is beginning to roll out the Classic Bake House offerings to all of its franchisees across New Zealand.

Prior to this announcement, trials and observations were conducted in different regions to test the viability of these products.

“We studied the preferences of our customers for months, which is a critical step for us when performing product orders from Classic Bake House,” says Jeths Lacson, director and co-founder of Epiphany Café. 

“We are confident that the baked goods by Classic Bake House are complementary to our existing line of products, especially our coffee and milk tea range. We also saw that by offering a greater variety within this specific category of baked goods, it has increased our customers’ likelihood of finding something they’ll love, or should I say, ‘loaf’.”

Likewise, Epiphany Café’s signature pillow-soft donuts, iced drinks and milk tea are also currently on offer at one of Classic Bake House’s outlets, specifically at Ormiston, Auckland. This collaboration will continue with more products from both brands offered across more outlets in the future.

With the recent launch of its own milk tea line as well as the new and exciting collaboration  with Classic Bake House, a bakery brand that takes pride in its offerings suited to the taste of Asian customers, Epiphany Café is thus set to tap into a larger group of Asian customers as well.

Lacson adds, “This partnership unleashes the potential of both businesses and creates plenty of work opportunities during the recovery of the economy caused by the global pandemic.”


For media enquiries, please contact: 

Craymond Yeong, PR & Marketing Specialist

Epiphany Café
Phone: (+64) 21 0833 2966
Email: craymond@dev.epiphanycafe.co.nz

About Epiphany Café

Epiphany Café is a new-breed donut café that offers not only gourmet donuts of different delectable flavours but other sweet treats as well, most notably its artisan drinks combo. It is a recognised franchise with 27 stores, including licensed locations, in New Zealand and has big plans to expand in Southeast Asia soon, namely Malaysian and Singapore. Epiphany Café was named the “Best Emerging Franchise System” by the Franchise Association New Zealand (FANZ) in 2018. In the same year, Epiphany Café was voted as “Meadow Fresh Café of the Year” in the upper North Island, New Zealand.

About Classic Bake House

Classic Bake House is a bakery brand with more than 10 branches in Auckland. The company strives to provide the tastiest pastries, cakes and baked goods using quality ingredients and mostly Asian flavours. It has a team of experienced bakers and staff, operating since 2003.

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