Epiphany Milk Tea

Epiphany Café Introduces Its Own Tea-riffic Milk Tea line

There’s also a tea-riffic combo option where the new drinks can be topped off with a pillow-soft donut a customisable novelty treat never-before-seen in the market.


Rotorua, 27 March 2021 — Born from the love of coffee and donuts, Epiphany Café now adds milk tea to its ever-expanding list of artisan specialties. 

After more than a year of sourcing for the best ingredients, and undergoing trials and changes to get the recipe right, a total of eight different flavours were finally selected for the milk tea launch at Epiphany Café’s Rotorua outlet on 27 March 2021. The Rotorua outlet will be the first to serve these perfected concoctions followed by selected stores in Christchurch and eventually, more locations. 

The drinks are part of a series of three categories: Milk Tea, Milk Drink, and Cream Cheese. Flavourful fan favourites such as classic Brown Sugar or sticky Caramel will surely satisfy any Milk Tea cravings. For Milk Drink options, there are the definitive Brown Sugar flavour or the nutty-vanilla taste of Taro, as well as the fruitier flavours of Honeydew or Mango. As for Cream Cheese, the category comes in either Matcha or Watermelon.

To add to the mix, there are various types of sinkers customers can choose from to further customise their drinks. Make these new drinks pop by adding Coffee Jelly, Brown Sugar Jelly, Mango Jelly or White Jelly.

On top of that, the new drinks can also be topped off with a piece of cherry-picked donut. The unique artisan drink combo, recently named the NutTea, follows in the footsteps of Epiphany Café’s best-selling invention, the Franut. Both are portmanteaus of the words tea and donut, as well as frappe and donut, respectively.  

“The creation of NutTea, which was recently named by one of our customers in a nationwide online competition, was truly born out of Epiphany Café’s love for innovation and creativity. Or, should I say, creativiTEA,” says Jeths Lacson, director and co-founder of Epiphany Café.

Epiphany Café first opened its doors in Hamilton’s Casabella Lane in February 2016 to showcase an epiphany (a moment of sudden and great realisation) by local engineers of the perfect recipe for pillow-soft donuts. It has now grown to offer coffee, tea and other sweet pastries at over 20 franchised and licensed locations across New Zealand.



For media enquiries, please contact: 

Craymond Yeong, PR & Marketing Specialist

Epiphany NZ Ltd
Phone: (+64) 21 0833 2966

Email: craymond@dev.epiphanycafe.co.nz

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