New Franchise & License available!!

You have new opportunities to join our family. As you may already know, the continuous expansion of our Epiphany has always been our main objective in 2021. Our expansion leads to more opportunities for our fans and supporters who would like to be a part of the Epiphany family. This is a significant milestone for us, and it has proven that we are one step closer to all our customers.  We are constantly seeking opportunities to make things great and greater, sourcing the strategic locations to increase the physical visibility. Furthermore, we are collaborating with a couple of well-established companies in New Zealand which are eyeing the potential of Epiphany brand.

Franchise Opportunities

We actively reach out to the market, conduct multiple market research and discussions to ensure it is a lucrative franchise opportunity for you. NOW, we are proud to present to you the available site locations that we have for you!! We cover shopping centers, transport hubs, commercial areas, stand-alone locations and gas stations.  

Epiphany Café  (Franchise)

1. Christchurch Northland shopping Centre (Kiosk)

Address: 55 Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch 

Price $200 – $250K


It is positioned in a newly completed busy dining precinct, adjacent to HOYTS Cinema, right in front of a mall entrance with high foot traffic and gives no stress for car parks. Mall is well situated in a busy suburb surrounded by school, residential, aged care facilities and the newly opened Northlink Retail Centre.

2. Mt Wellington, Auckland 

Address: 101, Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington, Auckland 

Price:  $200 – $250K


A medium sized stand alone Cafe with strategic location, low rent cost, plenty of parking available 


Licensing opportunities

Gas stations are our next target,  we are glad to provide you our license to sell our range of products. We have all the strategic locations for your option.  We are honoured to grab a piece of the market share to dive in the gas station as we see it is a new capable market in 2021. It has high exposure with high foot traffic, reasonable rent, low operation cost and low number of staffs needed for operation. Also, we will provide you with a series of marketing and promotion support to assist you to gain better sales for your business!! 

Epiphany Donuts (Licensee)

1.MetroMart Halswell

Address: 494 Sparks Road, Halswell, Christchurch

Size: 30 sqm (with decent seating)


    • Start up : $25K – $30K  including licensing fee and start-up kit
    • Rental cost: $17K per annum with GST, including  storage space, electricity, Internet, water  

2.  MetroMart Strowan 

Address:  10 Normans Road, Strowan Christchurch 

Size 10-15 sqm 


  • Start up: $25K – $30K  including licensing fee and start-up kits 
  • Rental cost: $17K per annum with GST,  including storage space, electricity, Internet, water    

Upcoming sites:

3. Mobil Stratford (Under new construction)

Address: 402 Broadway Stratford

Size: 10-15 sqm


    • Start up: $25K – $30K  including licensing fee and start-up kit
    • Rental cost: TBC  

4. Mobil Mangawhai central (Under Process)

Address: 83 Molesworth drive, Mangawhai central

Size: 10-15 sqm


    • Start up: $25K – $30K  including licensing fee and start-up kit
    • Rental cost: TBC 

5. Mobil Ramarama (Targeting in 2022)

Address: 10 Hillview Road, Ramarama

Size: 10-15 sqm


    • Start up: $25K – $30K  including licensing fee and start-up kit
    • Rental cost: TBC  

Please contact for more info.

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