Epiphany Café To Offer Its Pillow-Soft Donuts At Selected MetroMart Convenience Stores

The collaboration is the first of its kind in New Zealand, where delicious donuts from a homegrown brand will be made available on the shelves of local convenience stores.

Christchurch, 18th March 2021 — Epiphany Café, the award-winning food establishment with over 20 franchised and licensed locations in New Zealand, has partnered with leading Canterbury convenience store, MetroMart.

Patrons can soon purchase Epiphany Café’s pillow-soft donuts from five MetroMart-owned stores, namely MetroMart Redwood; MetroMart Hereford; MetroMart Rolleston; Log Cabin by MetroMart; and Zesto, located at the Christchurch Bus Interchange.

From February to March 2021 onwards, each store will be outfitted with its own dedicated donut cabinet, which will be brimming with Epiphany Café’s signature homemade scrumptious treats.

The pillow-soft donuts and other soon-to-be-launched Epiphany Café products will also be made available for purchase from MetroMart’s UberEats page and delivered to customers’ doorsteps, taking convenience to a whole new level.

“We are pleased to bring more convenience to our consumers in the South Island, first by allowing them to purchase Epiphany donuts in every corner of Christchurch. The company plans to roll out more offerings, including signature iced drinks, to more MetroMart stores in the next six months,” says Jeths Lacson, director and co-founder of Epiphany Café.

James Godinet, owner and director of MetroMart, and his team at the selected participating stores are very excited about the collaboration with Epiphany Café. “Two great local, evolving brands working together, selling top quality products, is outstanding! At MetroMart, we will continue to expand throughout Canterbury, starting with our Rolleston Store and two more in Rangiora and Prestons as planned, offering our customers more convenience than ever!” says James. 

Likewise, this partnership will increase Epiphany Café’s presence in Christchurch, adding to its current four locations in the city at Riccarton Bus Lounge, Riccarton Discounter, Barbadoes and Northlands Shopping Centre.


For media enquiries, please contact: 

Craymond Yeong, PR & Marketing Specialist

Epiphany Café

Phone: (+64) 21 0833 2966

Email: craymond@dev.epiphanycafe.co.nz

About Epiphany Café

What started as a café in Hamilton’s Casabella Lane in February 2016, to showcase an epiphany (a moment of sudden and great realisation) by local engineers of the perfect recipe for pillow-soft donuts, has now grown to over 20 franchised and licensed locations across New Zealand. Epiphany Café offers 36 different donut flavours—some using seasonal fruits such as berries, apples, lemons and passionfruit—and most outlets have about 12 to choose from daily. The café continues to innovate its offering, most notably with its line of beverages. The Franut, a portmanteau of the word frappe and donut, was invented here and has been a best-seller ever since.

About MetroMart

MetroMart is a leading Christchurch-based convenience store brand founded in 2014, currently with 12 great stores and more locations in the pipeline. MetroMart prides itself on having outstanding customer service. Its convenience stores offer a vast range of imported confectionery unlike traditional stores, featuring Twinkies, American Cheetos and a huge confectionery range. Adding to that, with the new partnership with Epiphany Café, are local artisan donuts, sure to entice the stores’ loyal customer base. 

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